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Increasing Company Profile & Credibility

Reputation is everything, and in marketing terms not all reputable companies have the reputation they claim, but simply market themselves to look reputable. This is about focusing on customers perceptions.

Companies can also increase credibility and reputation through association, and with your own associations you can make steps in achieving this.

However, these associations need to be maintained and others sought to help build a picture of the company through association. That way the customers perception is painted quickly and endorsed.

I recall one business advisor I met in my younger business years who said:

‘joining a society, trade group or chamber isn’t about what they can do for you but what can they do for your business from the outside world perspective”.

or instance, by simply being a Chamber of Commerce member tells the rest of the business world that you are serious about business, and this helps other businesses to trust you for this reason’.

I use the above narrative as often I meet business owners who say that it is a waste of money having memberships that do nothing for me, but with the right associations we can build credibility, so we must remain focused on associations that can take us to our target customers.

Customers also believe that trade associations also mean higher standards in services and products, and though some trade associations don’t have industry standards and are just a basic membership, the customer is none the wiser.

Of course, you will have a better idea of what groups and memberships to join, and yes, one could say it is a form of window dressing, but this is a marketing and branding exercise and should not be brushed to one side.

Moreover, some of these groups can provide access to other parts of the industry, provide support, and even commission projects or have design awards that can further develop your business.

I suggest you compile some research on such associations and measure whether they are worthy of joining.

Here is example that we advised on for a furniture and kitchen design company:

• British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) –
• Guild of Master Craftsman –
• Furniture Industry Research Association –
• The Commercial Interior Design Association –!/
• Society of British and International Design –
• Chartered Society of Designers –
• British Institute of Interior Design –
• The Home Specialists Association –
• The British institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation –
• The Furniture Makers’ –
• Federation of Master Builders –

Now imagine if you did target marketing to interior designers or had a published article in a top end lifestyle magazine. Which of the above would enhance your standing to win more business?

Lastly, to build credibility you need people to talk about you, and you need to tell people about yourself. This relates to PR and social media activity but adds greatly to your reputation.